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Engaging people and enabling change

Workshops and programmes for graduates, postgraduates, and professionals

The best creative programmes change the way people think. A typical example is One, Two, Many – a workshop we devised to help students, designers, and manufacturers understand the relationships between their designs, the production process, and the world they live in. Spin the words around – One To Many / One Too Many – and you begin to see the many facets of this popular four-day boot camp.

One, Two, Many is one of many formats we have developed for public, professional and educational contexts to help participants respond to their changing world. We can develop programmes like this because we're engagement experts, plugged into the latest thinking and networking widely: with top-level researchers and with interest groups across the world.

Formats are scalable, flexible, and entirely responsive to audience needs. We've run pop-up events in museums, taught Japanese students via simultaneous translation, facilitated trustee away-days, and developed inspiring online seminars that rise above the technology.

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