Innovation through craft: report launches

29 June 2016

The UK Crafts Council approached us in March this year with an unusual commission. They were examining craft's role in innovation and wanted some help to think about how to tell the story, to distill the in-depth report that KPMG were drafting. We're not communication or graphic designers per se, which confused us to begin with. Until we realised that what they were after was our deep understanding of and interest in the subject area combined with our skill in interpreting complex subjects. 

Now a few months later they'll be launching the report on Wednesday next week, 6th July, supported by our infographic which captures and communicates the main themes, alongside a set of 'innovation cards' which highlight arresting examples of innovation rooted in craft. We'll post the images when live next week. 

In KPMG’s view, ‘Craft skills and knowledge have a strong economic impact and significant potential to drive further growth and innovation in other sectors.’  The Craft's Council add 'Without more action and investment... the UK risks a talent drain and a loss of competitive advantage.' We're down with that message..


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