Chair and panel input at the The National Festival of Making

4 - 7 May 2017 Daniel Charny

There's a weekend celebration of making of all kinds in Blackburn, and in the days preceding Creative Lancashire present a series of events aimed at professional creative practitioners/makers and industry. Daniel will chair and participate in a series of talks and conversations around their key themes: 

New Global Strategies for the Industry 4.0 Age – The Internationalisation of Innovation:

In spite of easy access to a plethora of publications, courses and specialists in innovation businesses of all sizes often struggle to systemise success.  We take a look at leading and pioneering organisations, and how they make doing new things successfully (and repeatably), across global markets.

Politics of Production: 
With shifting political and social boundaries influences on how, where and why things are made are changing rapidly. We will stimulate a debate about the choices a maker (of any scale) has to make today for the products of tomorrow, whilst examining the impact of emerging consumer markets and demand for goods.

The New Consumer: 
Are we seeing a generational shift in the behaviors associated with choosing and using a product? We’d like to explore what motivates the new consumer and explore how manufacturers are responding to the challenge.

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