From Now On are creative and cultural consultants We develop practical ways for people to engage with ideas

We encourage people to think about their changing world and how they can help shape it. We do this with professionals and organisations, students and educators, and anyone connected with the creative and cultural sectors, including their customers, visitors, and users. Our work leads to strategies and plans for exhibitions and publications, public and educational programmes, permanent and temporary ways to touch and inspire people.

What we do

Research and strategy

Sometimes our research sparks a new project; sometimes our projects suggest new directions for research. But research is always the first step when clients ask for help with their strategic direction. They come to us because we have a flair for teasing out the fundamentals – and finding a purpose and direction rooted in their particular context and the needs of their audiences.

Get in touch if your project or organisation could do with some fresh thinking based on meaningful research.

Curating and creative programmes

If we're known for one thing, it's our ability to help people understand big ideas. We’ve done it within leading cultural institutes and commercial brands, at trade shows and palaces. Whether the audience is the general public or a board of trustees it's the same skill - to get people to view their world afresh, change their behaviours and, often, plot a new course.

If you'd like to talk about a programme or exhibition that's powerful enough to set change in motion, give us a call.

Facilitating change

When you're planning a different future, you need clarity: where are you now and where would you like to be? And once you've chosen your direction, you'll want to take everyone with you. We revel in that sort of challenge – shaping and prototyping the ideas that support your vision and helping you make them a reality. With us at your side, your team will be as enthusiastic for change as you are.

Change can be inspirational. Let's talk about a future that everyone will embrace.

From Now On works from London and Copenhagen

Our small team is supported by expert partners and collaborators.

Daniel Charny

Daniel Charny

Daniel leads on Creative Direction. He is an internationally recognised curator, consultant and educator with an enquiring mind and an entrepreneurial streak. His wayward curiosity and relentless pursuit of ideas account for his unlikely level of output, including founding curator of the Aram Gallery, creative director of the international multi-site Maker Library Network and his professorial role at Kingston University.

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Dee Halligan

Dee Halligan

Dee leads on Strategy. She is an experienced and skilled creative strategist and consultant, with a reputation for making sense of and finding direction within the most complex of challenges. Her unusual combination of a rational sensibility with complete commitment to creative excellence have equipped her well in past work with Tate, Science Museum and the National Trust.

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We have an active programme of research independent of client work; we track developments across audiences, creative and cultural sectors, innovation and education. This informs, and sometimes drives, our client work.  

People and skills

We’re interested in people doing things, individually and collectively, which engage both their minds and their hands i.e. their imagination and their skills. Making and fixing things are of particular interest, with a view to understanding what happens next: from understanding and appreciation to agency to professional skills. 

Relevant projects:

Fixperts, Future of Fixing, Tingbjerg Library project, Power of Making 

Cultural engagement through making

We're at the forefront of putting making activities in traditionally non-making spaces (museums, shopping malls, caravans). Additionally we're busy creating ways for makerspaces to articulate their identity and progress their purpose whether cultural, civic, professional or educational. This landscape is enabled by the technology of whats been called the 4th industrial revolution; our research work navigates its impacts and changing boundaries . 

Relevant projects:

Maker Library Network, Future of Fixing, Central Research Laboratories

Future trends

Our activity is a tiny part of a much bigger ecosystem of change; we’re interested in changing models of innovation, production and ownership, social and demographic change and inequality of access, and scarcity of resources and environmental issues. In tracking these broad issues we inform and guide our client work and ensure we're grounded in as much as we can be in the emerging realities of our world. 

Relevant projects:

Future of Fixing; Tingbjerg Library project; research networks involving Kingston University, Royal College of Art and KADK Copenhagen among others




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